Subs sing a sibilant song

SUB-EDITORS are the unsung heroes and heroines of publishing. Without them newspapers, magazines and websites would contain many more silly misteaks mistakes than the 0.02% two per ten thousand words <OK? & sez who?> we find.

But now we can at least sing our own praises to each other. Following the London Freelance Branch themed meeting for subs (in, er, May) we've launched an online discussion group called, in a semi-conscious flashback to the First Punk Era (1976-198?), UkSubs.

So now it's sitting there, like a writer with 20 lines to make because the Art Department (which Shall Be Obeyed) chose a postage-stamp-sized pic, waiting to find out what you want to talk about. Pay and conditions of work? Who's double-booked and has a shift to pass on? How the hell you set nine-and-one-eighth point type in Quark, to please said Art Department? Where do you find the titles of the books of which Queen Victoria was the named author (please)?...

It's a private list, moderated by Branch Committee member Tom Davies. Pick your own password at Tell other subs you know, whether they're NUJ members or not.

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