Rovers v rights

GIVEN a choice between a lecture on copyright and a Coronation Street double bill, most people would opt for T'Rovers. The good people of Hebden Bridge and environs have a good grasp of priorities though. Thirty of them shunned Weatherfield in favour of the Trades Club where NUJ activists held an open meeting on copyright.

They were treated to a screening of the Creators' Rights Alliance video Creators Have Rights and a brief talk by freelance organiser John Toner on the scale of the struggle against rights grabs and on some of the NUJ's successes in protecting rights. Questions and answers followed and the assembly expressed an interest in forming an NUJ branch. Around half of those present were NUJ members, but the meeting attracted several non-journalists with an interest in the subject.

Andrew Bibby, who instigated the meeting, is already planning another on the question of broadband - another topic of interest to freelances.

  • Brussels Branch showed the CRA video on 26 September, with talks by Mike Holderness and lawyer Tom Herrmans. But Coronation Street is available there...
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