Dazed + defused

STYLE magazine Dazed + Confused launched a competion for photographers in October, under the title "re:creation" to "uncover new talent in photography, music,fashion and journalism". Good. And there was small print in the terms and conditions. Uh-oh? And that small print specified that all rights in submitted photos would pass to Dazed + Confused. Not good.

Members of the Editorial Photo UK mailing list EPUK immediately started lobbying Rankin Waddell, name photograher and Dazed + Confused high heid mon. Within days Dazed + Confused turned around and dropped the rights-grab.

In their defence the magazine claimed to the British Journal of Photography that they'd merely copied the terms and conditions from another contract - by someone else's lawyer, it seems. From whom they will doubtless be hearing, for breach of copyright in the copyright grab...

The BJP, however, to photographers' chagrin refuses to take a stand on rights grabs in general. And those are unfortunately frequent in competitions of all kinds. Indeed another competition, also publicised in the BJP, for the charity Help the Hospices, claims an unlimited licence to use the photos. So always read the fine print.

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