War and the Journalist

Reporters Without Borders (Reporters Sans Frontières - RSF-UK) is holding on Monday, November 25 at 6pm at the NUJ offices.

The meeting is entitled "War and the Journalist" and is in memory of the BBC journalist Nimalarajan who was murdered two years ago in Sri Lanka. RSF will report on the investigation into his killing by its legal arm, the Damocles Network.

The main speakers are Marie Colvin of the Sunday Times, Allan Little of the BBC and Vaughan Smith of Frontline TV. Journalist editor Tim Gopsill may also be speaking.

It will be a quite practical discussion and that is where freelance interests come in becauses it will be in part about safety and insurance. I will be informing people of an excellent, cheap insurance scheme for reporting abroad, however dangerous the area, and for up to three months. It starts at 3 Euros a day.

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