Bank in swift action shock

THERE'S a lot of advice on the Web these days. Like advice in pubs, it varies in quality. A member found a site which tended to confirm the suspicion that the collective noun for bankers is "wunch", resulting in the following letter to Sir Peter Middleton GCB, Chair of Barclays, from Freelance Organiser John Toner:

My attention has been drawn to a website,, supported by Barclays Bank in conjunction with Freeserve.

This site purports to offer sound advice on finance and business. Among the advice currently on offer is the gem:

"Professional photographers are expensive so consider using a good amateur.There is often little difference in the quality of the final product."

The National Union of Journalists has 35,000 members, many of whom are photographers. It is tempting to advise our members to dispense with the services of a bank altogether and simply stick their hard-earned cash in an old sock and tuck it under the mattress.

But that would be absurd - wouldn't it?

Perhaps, though, your advice could be applied to other trades and professions. Why pay an electrician or a gas fitter when you could get some college student who will do the work for expenses only?

Days later the bank wrote back to say that they'd asked for the site to be changed.

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