Getting Started as a Freelance

LONDON Freelance Branch is restaging its very successful "Getting Started as a Freelance" day on 12 April 2003. The morning session, taught by me, Humphrey Evans, covers setting yourself to decide what you can offer as a freelance journalist, how to go about looking for work, interacting with editors and others who might commission your work - and doing deals that, it is to be hoped, will stick. We also do a bit about finance and tax.

The afternoon session features Phil Sutcliffe talking about what you can do when things go wrong - so that, hopefully, you can head off problems such as clients not paying up. He also looks at copyright and taxation at source on shift payments.

We end with a question and answer session to make sure that anything you wish to raise can be shared.

Both Phil and I bring to the day distilled experience from London Freelance Branch meetings. Our backgrounds are in writing and editing for print media, but the principles of negotiating deals apply to photography and broadcasting too - so the day may well be worthwhile if that's what you do.

The venue is the University of London Union, Malet Street, London WC1, and is accessible to people using wheelchairs. To book, send a cheque for £30 payable to "NUJ London Freelance Branch" to Humphrey Evans.

For freelances who want to concentrate on driving up the amount they are paid, the NUJ Training Department offers a one-day course "Make More Money: Negotiating Better Rates for Freelances". A week after the last time it ran, one participant turned up at a London Freelance branch meeting happily telling people how she had upped her fees from one client by 50 per cent, so it obviously pays off. Find out more by emailing, faxing 020 7833 5830 or visiting the training section of

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