On whose behalf do you think you rant?

On whose behalf do you think you rant in the February edition of the world-renowned Freelance? Certainly not me, a member of the Freelance Branch. I do not imagine that you reflect the opinions of most journalists.

I have seen no rush to war. As the markets show, there is no financial advantage. A long and bloody conflict would likely topple both President Bush and Tony Blair. The reason that most peacenik events have gained little coverage, is because they were small.

If you want dissenting voices, read any quality newspaper ... or the Mirror. Your crass contempt for the membership of the NUJ is itself contemptible. Your simplistic dogma is laughable. Maybe I'm expecting too much, by expecting journalism.

Mine. 'Twas a signed thinkpiece, inspired by comparison of English-speaking media with le reste du Welt. Ed.

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