Why is this Planet Lonely?

MORE THAN 25 photographers have come together to discuss the problems we are  having with Lonely Planet Images. This is a web-based picture library based in Australia, but a large number of British snappers contribute. If you are thinking of getting involved with LPI, you're in for a nasty surprise when their first cheque hits the doormat. It seems they charge foreign publications with circulations up to 10,000 US$22 for a full page and $16 for a half. Photographers receive 65 per cent of this amount - $14.30 or £9 for a page!

Rates seem to be dropping year-on-year. They also ask for exclusivity - then sit on pictures (sometimes for years) before they hit the website. Can any photographer with images at LPI contact either myself or Chris Barton (chris@chrisbartonphotos.co.uk) with their experiences.

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