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Baghdad blues

MUSIC writer Karl Dallas, recently a London Freelance Branch member, returned from the "human shield" in Baghdad to his home in Bradford on 21 March - and plans to go back, with musicians for a peace concert there. Fellow shield Jo Wilding, who should be recruited immediately on her return, was filing daily reports to the Guardian as late as 29 March.

Postscript, 02 April 2003

Jo Wilding left Baghdad on 30 March. The Iraqi Minsiter of Information had claimed that busloads of human shields has been attacked by the US on the road between there and Amman, but they hadn't. Some reports spoke of buses going to Baghdad being attacked... who knows.

Post-postscript, 05 March 2004

Jo Wilding writes to say she's back in Baghdad and writing regularly - see And most excellent writings they are too.

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