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FREELANCE WRITERS for the magazines Q and Mojo have concluded what may now be dubbed their "second annual" rates agreement with the two EMAP Performance music monthlies - achieving increases of up to 12 per cent. The negotiations were initiated by the freelance group - both union members and non-members - getting together through e{mail networking in 2001. (The Performance division does not recognise the NUJ.) In summary the new rates are:

On Q:

Features: paid on a new page rate system (eg 2 pages £275, 10 pages £1650) but with a fallback minimum word rate of £275 per thousand (up from £250 - also "second tier" feature rate of £225 per thousand eliminated).

Reviews: 2-page lead album 275; other album reviews, except short, £250 per thou (£225); 2-page lead live review £340; 1-page live review £200; short album reviews (currently 50/100 words) £35 (£32) plus £5 for website license where used; compilation albums £25 (£22).

On Mojo:

Features: £275 (£250) or £250 (£225) per thou (higher rate "for features that involve substantial research, interviews with more than one person or travel  time to complete the piece. The lower rate applies to anything that is just a straight interview which is delivered as such.") Reviews: £250 (£225) per thou, except short reviews (160 words) £36 (£35) and "round-up" reviews (40 words) six for £150 ie £25 each (£20). Mojo has no website.

The writer retains copyright on both magazines.

Both sides agreed that the short album review rates had emerged from the agreements as the worst paid aspect of the work in terms of time taken and that this would be the priority for improvement in the next round, starting November.

For further details contact the Freelance Office, or me.

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