We are restless

Workers Say No - © Paul Mattsson
"Workers say non!" - a trade union protest against Le Pen's far-right party in Paris, 2002: photo © Paul Mattsson.
The Horse Whisperer - © Guy Smallman
"The horse whisperer", May Day 2002 in London: photo © Guy Smallman.

You can catch Paul and Guy's exhibition "We are restless" in the basement gallery at the Foundry, on Great Eastern Street - London EC1 at the corner with Old Street - until Sunday 11 May. (Tube: Old Street; streetmap)

Mike Holderness writes: I found choosing the above examples interesting. Paul and Guy are also showing several very striking pics of riot police - from Genoa and Gothenburg as well as London - looming as mean as they can. Those might be ideal for Revolutionary Tourist. Or how about the ones they wouldn't touch, but the Daily Blackshirt would lap up, of anarchists and/or nihilists being chaotic? Be Very Afraid Middle England - this could be your daughter! Or the one no desk will touch these days, of people having fun in a homemade fountain in the City?

Food for thought about how images shape perceptions, and perhaps the events themselves. Personally, I find the way some papers use images that just show State Repression boring, however powerful they may be as images. Yeah, yeah, it's tough on the streets. We know, already. Who are the players? What are they doing? Who's playing to camera? Where were cameras excluded, by whom and why?

So go yourself and make your own mind up.

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