Boycott Gabriel!

Stop Digging in the dirt*

The European Federation of Journalists is calling all photographers to boycott the tour by Peter Gabriel (a slightly popular entertainer, m'Lud), which started on 26 April in Hamburg.

The Deutscher Journalisten-Verband (DJV) had spotted what it calls "unacceptable conditions of admission for photojournalists" imposed by Peter Gabriel Ltd. The DJV has also called on media companies to refuse pictures from the tour.

Photographers only get permission to take pictures if they sign a contract which:

  • allows pictures to be taken only from narrowly defined perspectives
  • gives permission to use pictures only once and in only one medium
  • hands over all creators' rights to Peter Gabriel Ltd.
  • gives them the right to free unlimited use of all photos, but leaves the liability for all these pictures with the photographer.

"This is an unacceptable violation of national and European copyright legislation and a breach of the basic right of freedom of expression" says the DJV.

The Peter Gabriel tour is scheduled to continue over the next few weeks in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France, Switzerland, England, Poland and Spain. The DJV has taken steps to work with sister unions in all these countries to ensure that no pictures of the concerts are taken or published until the contract is withdrawn.

The Freelance has asked Peter Gabriel Ltd to respond to this story, and has so far received none.

Dates for UK photographers to take out of their diaries are:

  • 18 May Manchester - Mena
  • 19 May Birmingham - NEC
  • 21 May London - Wembley
  • 22 May London - Wembley
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