Scotsman opens wallet

IN A significant break with their previous position, the Scotsman has begun paying for online re-use of freelance work. We suspect, though, they're not broadcasting the news widely among their contributors. So we shall.

One LFB member submitted a feature to the title last year, noting in emails confirming the commission that the agreed fee was for one use, in the printed version only. When it appeared on the website as well, the writer managed to extract an additional web re-use payment from the commissioning editor, totalling a little over 25 per cent on top of the original fee.

It took a while, but more commissions were forthcoming, and the same thing happened: though the journalist notes that, while the request for re-use fees has been verbally accepted for the most recent pieces, payment has not yet arrived.

But the message is clear: set out your terms at the point of commission. (You can get a Confirmation of Commission form from www. And don't succumb to the fear that asking for what's due to you will mean losing out on future work.

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