Guardian and Independent networks meet

What do Guardian Media Group and Independent Newspapers have in common? They are both liberal-leaning broadsheets widely read by those claiming a left-of-centre persuasion.

Their difference becomes apparent in their attitude to industrial relations. While GMG is prepared to negotiate with the NUJ on freelance terms and conditions, the Indy people just say "no".

It is the time of the year when we discuss the NUJ's agreement with management, and it is important that we hear members' views. All members who contribute to GMG titles are invited to a meeting at Headland House on Thursday, July 3 at 6pm. They may want to stay for the next meeting, too.

At 7pm there is a meeting for all contributors to Independent Newspapers to discuss what to do about fees and rights.

The Independent meeting will be chaired by Mother of Chapel Kate Simon, as the chapel is keen to support freelances in any way it can.

I will will attend both meetings as Freelance Organiser, as will members of the Freelance Industrial Council.

A draft letter for Guardian contributors is available from the Guardian email network or from the NUJ Freelance office on

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