Creators’ Rights Alliance: administrator

The CRA is an alliance of 16 organisations established in October 2000, representing copyright creators and content providers throughout the media, particularly television, radio and the press.

The CRA lobbies on behalf of its members for a reform of moral rights, the introduction of regulation on authors contracts, and reforms relating to litigation and remedies.

There is a two days per week vacancy, from October 2003, with the prospect of extra days employment in the run-up to CRA-sponsored events. The ideal candidate will be self-employed, able to run the secretariat, and be prepared to assist in lobbying and campaigning on behalf of the Creators Rights Alliance.

The administrator will liaise between the Chairman and committee members and be responsible for the following: composing letters; writing press releases; Responding to mail/e{mail and telephone enquiries; co-ordinating committee meetings and recording minutes for distribution to committee members; a minimal amount of book-keeping; attending meetings on behalf of the CRA as and when necessary; assisting in setting up conferences and seminars on behalf of the CRA.

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