Watch out for EMAP plans

Early in your journalistic career you were probably given the sage advice - "always read the small print".

If you work for EMAP, you would be well advised to borrow very powerful reading glasses to check out the small print - possibly the tiniest you've ever seen - on the reverse side of their purchase orders. As well as an indemnity clause and a confidentiality clause, you will find a clause headed Rights in Deliverables, which is an assignment of all intellectual property rights - a copyright grab, in other words.

We must co-ordinate resistance.

If you work for EMAP and you have received a copy of the purchase order in question, please contact the Freelance Office: email

8 July 2003

One EMAP editor, told about the purchase order, responded that they knew nothing about it. "Send us your terms," they said... more on what happened, next, later.

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