Unholy Trinity rejects freelance agreement

AFTER 18 months of meetings, correspondence and proposals, the Birmingham Post & Mail has said no to a freelance agreement with the NUJ. And they have said no with a vengeance.

As well as citing costs, they also appear to object to collective negotiation on behalf of freelances in principle. This makes you wonder why they took 18 months to arrive at their position.

Freelances who work for titles owned by the Trinity/Mirror group must now come together to persuade the company of the error of their ways. And the NUJ chapel is fully behind the freelances.

All freelances who work for the Post & Mail titles are invited to attend a chapel meeting on Wednesday, September 3, in the Queen's Head, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham B4, starting at 1pm. [Streetmap]

We need a good turnout to let them know how angry we feel.

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