In dispute...

THE SHEFFIELD STAR may be the next local paper hit by NUJ strikes. Staff voted for action in early September. This immediately produced a slightly improved offer, so, last the Freelance, heard the action was limited to union meetings in work time. If you contribute to this paper please check for updates - email, or on and at

Journalists at EMAP's Healthcare division and at the Belfast Telegraph are ballotting over action. The dispute at Newsquest papers in Bradford is over: the two sides have agreed to negotiate in 2004.

The Union's Freelance Industrial Council is reminding these Chapels and others that freelances who suffer hardship while being unavailable during strikes should automatically get equivalent support to staffers. It is pressing the union formally to declare the Bolton and Bury photographer who depended on work from Newsuest papers a "victimised" trade unionist and therefore eligible for continuing financial support.

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