Emap’s tiny terror

THE LATEST rights grab by Emap is one to be worried about - if your eyesight is good enough to read it. The type is so small, even some of the most alert and informed NUJ activists didn't spot it.

Under the microscope it turns out to be an all-purpose purchase order. It seems to have been designed to apply to suppliers of raw materials rather than journalists. Even when you have magnified the type, you will still have trouble spotting the dodgy clauses buried in the document.

Clause 9 seeks copyright and a waiver of moral rights. Clause 10 indemnifies Emap - it has you paying the costs of legal action, having just granted them the right to screw up your copy. And clause 12.2 is a strangely worded confidentiality agreement. The Freelance Organiser is trying to talk to the CEO, but finding it difficult to get a response. They might be more likely to talk if they receive a few response along the lines of the draft letter which you can get from the links over on the right, or from the Freelance Office.

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