Live now, pay later?

I was delighted to find at the end of January that the Express had finally paid me £300 they have owed me since last August. I put in something like twenty calls to the news editor on the Sunday paper, who put the payment through - but it kept getting taken off the payrun by the managing editor, under the paper's new "payment on publication only" rules. That was in spite of their having negotiated with me a deal whereby I'd be paid £800 if they used the story, and £300 if they didn't.

Two letters from Freelance Organiser John Toner later, the last one threatening legal action, and the money was in my account within a week. Thanks so much John.

Freelances in the current climate need every penny that is owed to them, and preferably before five months have passed.  This "payment on publication" nonsense really needs to be challenged by freelances. Otherwise, it's a bit like filling our supermarket trolleys with food and going back to pay only when we eat something. They wouldn't put up with it. Why should we?

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