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THE Q/Mojo freelance group - an e{mail network of about 200 music writers in UK and America - has just agreed its third annual pay deal with the Performance division of EMAP.

Having made useful advances on feature and general word rates since April 2002 (minima up from £180 per thousand to £250/£275), this time the group concentrated their claim on short or "standard" album reviews. These are both a key reader attraction, and a high-cost item to the magazines - because between them they publish more than 300 of these 100-word to 160-word reviews per month.

The magazines agreed to this approach and a (probably) inflation increase in the freelance budget was concentrated in this area.

So the group were able to negotiate increases from £35 to £40 (14.3 per cent) for Q and £36 to £40 (11.1 per cent) for Mojo. The freelances have always urged the equalisation of rates on the two magazines.

Discussions are progressing on a comprehensive licensing contract to cover syndication, reuse of material "in-house", licensing for foreign and book editions and, if needs be, an update of the existing digital licensing agreement.

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