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THE NUJ held its Annual Delegate Meeting (ADM) in Liverpool from 25 March. Co-chair Dave Rotchelle reports.

It was a lively gathering, with a daunting agenda, but you will be pleased to know that the Branch was well represented and your delegation was active and attentive throughout. They took a vigorous part in the numerous debates and each of them was able to address ADM the platform.

Photo © Dave Rotchelle
Three of our nine ADM delegates: L to R, Ros Bayley, Phil Sutcliffe & Rotimi Sankore.

We gave support, both vocal and moral, to Freelance Industrial Council - the union body that deals with freelance issues in the whole of England and Wales - and the various motions it presented. I think it is fair to say that both the Branch and FIC were persuasive in the cases put to Conference, resulting in, from our point of view, some very satisfactory votes from the floor.

We had an excellent Freelance Sector Conference, which Chair Tim Dawson described as the best one he had experienced at an ADM, and again some very constructive ideas came out of that, not least from John Toner. See the article on Freelance Wellness in this issue for one thing that came out of it.

Overall, I think you will be satisfied that the Freelance ground was "well stood". The motion that would have increased union subscriptions for freelances fell.

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