Instant copyright deal redeems Arts Council

RIGHTS-GRABBING moved into the realms of satire when the Arts Council began issuing a contract demanding copyright assignment from photographers.

Freelance organiser John Toner told them he was shocked that "a body funded by taxpayers to further the interests of creative people, should seek to get round the 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act in this way." A meeting was swiftly arranged for 1 July, and Gwen Thomas of the Association of photographers joined the NUJ side of the table.

Said Toner: "Gwen and I will try to bring some sanity to a situation that could have been taken from the pages of Lewis Carroll."

The Arts Council has agreed to stop grabbing copyright and to end its moral rights waiver. They will draft a licence agreement, to be approved by Gwen Thomas and John before it is finalised.

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