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NUJ National Executive Committee Meeting Report.
16 - 17 July 2004

NUJ Freelance Organiser John Toner gave a Freelance report to the NEC:

Guardian and Observer - Freelances have been offered the same 3% as the chapel. For the first time since the groundbreaking licence was agreed in 1999 there will be movement on the part of the fee relating to [online re-use]. So whatever the chapel accepts, freelance writers will be offered a further 1%.

Negotiating are being held over a proposed similar licence for photographers, but The Guardian wants a licence that will cover photocopying (for a one-off, all inclusive fee), use in the Guardian Weekly, for no additional fee, and syndication rights.

Ed's note: an improved offer for Guardian writers is now under consideration by Freelance Industrial Council

Express and The Star - negotiations with managing editor have ensured that freelance photographers will be covered by the company’s insurance, subject to the insurers being notified when the photographer is being sent on a dangerous assignment.

Creators' Rights Alliance – a lobby was arranged on the Terrace at Parliament on July 1st, with David Ferguson speaking for the creators.

Red Pepper - have rejected the NUJ £50 minimum rate, and have contacted photographers individually to persuade them to accept lower rates. Red Peppers have offered photographers a free advert in lieu of payment!

National Freelance Conference - has been scheduled for the 13/14th of November at the Mechanics Institute, Manchester.

Press Vests - I proposed the following motion, which was carried by NEC:

This NEC instructs the Bristol branch and it’s secretary to notify all to whom it has sent the purported advice document on photographers covering demonstrations that this is not NUJ advice, and to cease promoting and distributing so-called "press vests".

NUJ Pay In The Media Summit The NUJ is organising a Pay In The Media Summit on the 6th of November in London. I moved the following motion, which was agreed by the NEC in support of the summit:

This NEC welcomes the calling of a Pay in the Media Summit.

In addition to delegates from chapels and branches attending the summit, members should be able to attend as observers with speaking rights, at the discretion of the chair.

The Pay In The Media Summit should be used to organise a national NUJ Campaign against low pay in all sectors of the union.

The Pay In The Media Summit should consider national NUJ co-ordinated, joint sector action, including strike action, for decent pay for our members.

Public Service Broadcasting Campaign - a petition has been agreed by the NUJ Broadcasting Industrial Council. This will be distributed to NUJ Chapels and branches.

NUJ action for members working as PRs - the following action points were agreed by the NEC.

This NEC believes the union needs to develop a strategy to defend its PR and information members at local, regional and national government level. NEC supports the view of the Public Relations Information Industrial Council (PRIIC) that:

1 discussions need to be had with UNISON, PCS Prospect (as the relevant unions with which the NUJ has linking agreements);

2 that a small committee, including at least PRIIC chair and PR and information NEC member, be formed to begin to sketch out a strategy for discussion at the PRIIC, Development Committee and finally, the NEC.

Complaint Under Rule 24: Bill McLean - The following motion was carried by the NEC, 16 in favour, 1 against:

This NEC confirms the decision of the Rule 24 panel to expel Bill McLean from NUJ membership under Rule.

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