Updating the Freelance Fees Guide and placing it online

Tenders are invited: to update the Freelance Fees Guide. This publication, until now primarily produced as a printed booklet, seeks to advise freelances on best practice in terms of fees and working conditions across all the media in which the NUJ operates.

Future editions will be available online only, and the Freelance Industrial Council is seeking:

a) an individual (or individuals) who can undertake to update the Guide, with the aim of creating an up-to-date version of the Fees Guide, which can be placed online. Updating will be carried out using information from freelance agreements, the Rate for the Job and from other Industrial Councils, and any other appropriate sources. The researcher will be expected to liaise with the Freelance Industrial Council;

b) an individual (or individuals) to place the revised Freelance Fees Guide online, into a pre-designed format, and to keep the site up to date with information provided by the Freelance Industrial Council.

These tenders are for one-year fixed contracts, which will be subject to an annual renewal procedure.

Please reply, requesting further details, to the Editorial Committee, Fees Guide at the Freelance office, NUJ, Headland House, London WC1X 8DP by 7 November 2004, marking your envelope FEES GUIDE TENDER.

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