MEN behaving badly

Well over half of the journalists at the Manchester Evening News have submitted individual grievances because of the paperís plans to launch a morning edition.

Management want to produce the new breakfast-time paper with no extra staff or resources. NUJ members feel their contracts are being breached by having to work new shift patterns and more anti-social shifts, by being given extra responsibilities, and by facing the prospect of shifts without the breaks required under the Working Time Regulations.

There could now be well over 50 individual grievance hearings and the same number of appeals.

The Manchester Evening News, part of Guardian Media, is owned by the Scott Trust which is supposed to uphold liberal traditions.

Please email protests to Alan Rusbridger, the editor of the Guardian and a member of the Scott Trust. Ask him why a supposedly liberal organisation is forcing its journalists to work harder and do more anti-social hours without any extra payment or support. Heís on

The MEN journalists believe the company should take on more staff. So if you would like to work for the paper - either staff or freelance - now is a good time to send a cv to the editor

Send a message of support to the aggrieved journalistsí mother of chapel Judy Gordon on

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