An idiot of the first degree

I'm in a seethingly angry mood about "Israel's attempt to cut off my voice" (October Freelance).

Do you have some sort of fixation over Israel? Normally I would shrug it off, but the article has received such prominence that it cannot pass unchallenged. True, the lady is a member of LFB, but does make her angelically faultless? Other NUJ members pass back and forth into and out of Israel with no problems whatsoever. Why does this chic fall at the first fence? She describes Israel as a "military state" - that brands her as an idiot of the first degree. Israel, as she well knows, have a freely elected government based on British democratic principles. Such a military state that it permits its service people to choose where they will or will not serve in that tiny area that is Israel.

If you'd like me to write a full appraisal of the totally unjournalistic crap on the front page of the Freelance, I will be happy to do so. But this is the first time I've been moved to write this sort of commentary on anything that I've read in the Freelance.

I've been in the union for a long, long time and fully appreciate the situation, but the poor little chic can't even write properly, let alone report on the misgivings of a democratic government that for obvious reasons won't permit her to spew out the vomit that masquerades as highly principled journalism. It is light years away from any sort of journalism. Need I remind you of the principles of the NUJ? I'll be happy to so do if you are unaware that we do have such things.

The onus falls solidly on your shoulders for permitting such glaring inaccuracies to pass unchallenged in the guise of journalism.

I really am disgusted. And finally, I am hoping to go to a military state shortly, Burma. I wonder what might happen to me if I showed my International Press Card and claimed to be travelling there as a representative of the International Solidarity Movement. That, to me, is an interesting thought.

Solidarity with whom?

Regarding the Freelance October front page anti-Israel article. Of course I don't know your personal bias, if any, but here are some facts:--

  1. The so-called International Solidarity Movement is a well-known pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel entity disguised as "international solidarity" and begging the question "solidarity with whom?"
  2. The so-called "occupation" is about land whose ownership has for a long time been in dispute.
  3. The acts of terrorism, in which as many innnocent men, women and children as possible are deliberately killed, are all by Palestinians and the latters' plight, however bad, does not excuse this.
  4. Most of the little reporting about the conflict we get in Britain is issued under strict control and threats by Palestinians. Consider the endless string of items about how "a young Palestinian was killed" in some incident or other, without regard to the young Palestinian stone-throwers being used as human shields by gunmen and getting killed in the cross-fire, sometimes by their own side, and without regard to the deliberate killing of innocent Israelis.

I could go on, but all the evidence so far is that The Journalist is anti-Israel and it now looks as though Freelance is too. I continue to live in hopes that journalists, the fourth estate, will show fairmindedness, but they seem increasingly to show prejudice instead.

I wonder, does it never occur to the anti-Israel UK media that Israel has made itself strong because it has been under attack for the entire 56 years of its existence? If it no longer gets any sympathy as "the underdog", this is presumably the reason.

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