Friday 11 March
To all Independent staff

Management offer accepted

Today's chapel meeting debated whether to accept management's latest offer on pay and conditions. Management had offered to move immediately to 6% matched contribution on pensions and to offer contracts to regular freelance casuals. This was on top of a number of other benefits the union had won through negotiation. Below is the pay offer in full.

Thank you to all members for your support in this campaign. Anyone wishing to help the efforts of the chapel committee, in however small a way, should please contact Kate (x2271) or Barrie (x2004).

Non-members should be aware that you too will get all these benefits. They have been won through the tenacity and solidarity of your colleagues, the vast majority of whom are union members. Thanks to the union we all have better rates of pay, better pension conditions, better maternity and paternity rights, and much more. By remaining outside the union, non-members undermine our chances of improving everybody's lot ultimately that hits everyone in the pocket. We urge you to join the union today and show unity with the colleagues you sit next to every day.

The following motion was passed:

This chapel acknowledges the company's intention to improve employees' pension entitlements and its commitment to issuing regular freelance casuals with contracts. We formally accept the offer. However we are dismayed by the company's refusal to recognise fully the contribution made to the success of the titles by editorial employees.

The pay offer in full


  • Basic rates of pay increased by 3%
  • Casual rates to be increased by 3%


  • Editorial employees will be eligible to join the Group Personal Pension with a Company contribution of up to 6%.
  • Current pension scheme members who wish to join the GPP scheme and who do not contribute currently may join the GPP on a non contributory basis at the current company contribution plus 1%.
  • To benefit from Company contributions above that level employees would have to match the additional company contribution , ie an employee currently receiving 3% company contribution and making no contribution themselves will be able to join the GPP and get a 4% Company contribution. However, if they want the Company to contribute 6% they will have to make a 2% employee contribution.

Casual Staff

  • Casual staff will be entitled to the same holiday entitlement as permanent staff on a pro rata basis.
  • Regular casuals will be provided with a contract setting out their terms and conditions.

Acting up payments

  • The Company will consider acting up payments where a job is being covered for a period of 3 months or more.

Mileage Payments

  • Mileage payments for business miles will be increased to 40 pence per mile for the first 10000 miles and 25 pence per mile thereafter.


  • Management will have a meeting with the freelance organiser of the NUJ to hear the concerns which have been raised. This does not constitute a commitment to continuing talks or negotiating rights.
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