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THE AUTHORS' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) distributed over £630,000 to writers in the financial year 2004/05. This money comes from payments for copying of articles published in magazines and journals, through the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA).

A new agreement with the Publishers Licensing Society now means that 15% of all photocopying royalties on UK serials are transferred to ALCS for freelance writers. ALCS believes this will generate about £1.2 million for freelances in 2005/06.

Freelance writers can claim a share of these secondary royalties by registering with ALCS and providing details of your articles. The next payout, due in March 2006, will cover articles from 1999 to the end of last year.

Some writers ask whether they are eligible, concerned that their area of expertise may not be relevant or that they have assigned their copyright. ALCS can confirm that almost all articles in UK-published magazines/journals are eligible for photocopying royalties - and writers can claim for these fees irrespective of whether the copyright has been assigned to a third party or not. Note, however, that newspapers and their supplementary magazines are excluded from this scheme; these rights are administered by the Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA).

As an NUJ member you receive payments net of the ALCS members' commission rate, currently 10.5% - non-members pay 14%.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to receive recompense for your published articles. To join ALCS and register your articles in order to make a claim for a share of the photocopying royalties then, please download the forms from our website or email to request that our Membership Services Department posts them to you.

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