Q/Mojo working!

THE Q/Mojo freelance writers' group have produced new minimum rates approaching £300 per thousand words and - for the first time - a day rate minimum, in their fifth annual pay negotiation.

The across-the-board increase of 3 per cent covers key rates at the two Emap music magazines including a Q magazine words minimum, Mojo words, Mojo single interview features, Q/Mojo one-offs, books and standard album reviews.

The day rate for subs and others, previously excluded from the deal, is now a minimum £115, up from £110, which is a 4.5 per cent increase on what the magazines had usually paid.

Until the group, comprising NUJ and non-member freelances, started negotiating in 2001, the word rate had remained at £180 for 11 years. So DIY! It might just work...

The new agreement in full, including licensing terms, will soon be available from the NUJ Freelance Office, and see also the Rate for the Job online and next issue.

Any Q/Mojo writer wishing to join the group should contact Phil Sutcliffe: email greyhair@nildram.co.uk

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