17 October 2006

The case was adjourned today. Alan Lodge's lawyers had asked the Crown Prosecution Service to return the memory card for his camera, since it contains information of use to his defence. The CPS has not done so.

The next scheduled date is 9.45am on 5 March 2007. As Alan notes, "That's two weeks shy of a whole year after my arrest on 18 March 2006."

This left "my barrister, supporters, the General Secretary and Freelance Organiser of the NUJ, people from other NUJ branches, my Branch Chair from Nottingham NUJ, a Channel 4 camera crew, six police officers in their Number One uniforms and assorted others" having made a wasted journey.

Defend the Nottingham One (again)

Phototographer Alan Lodge is due in court at 9.45am on Tuesday 17 October, at Nottingham Magistrates Court, Carrington Street - in connection with taking pictures of armed police. Support at the court is welcome - more details from the linl below.

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