Screw your courage to whatever and their contract...

CORPORATE freelance contract hits the doormat - or the i-Mac. You read with clenched teeth waiting for the horrible bits to crop up. And they do, they (almost) always do. So you've got to screw your courage to wherever suits you and negotiate...

A busy day at a freelance desk, earlier
A busy day at a freelance desk, earlier
It happened to an LFB member recently when he got his first job for US mag Entertainment Weekly: all rights assignment, warranty that you're not committing libel, infringing anyone's privacy and other things no sensible person could promise as they're all a matter of opinion, commitment not to write about the commissioned subject for anyone else for two months after publication.

So said freelance girded his lions and prepared to set them on the commissioning editor - but actually dead nervous about the quite likely impending row and loss of any future US$2-a-word (crikey, that's around £1000 per thousand) work which wouldn't half come in handy. And then said editor said, "No problem, just delete all the bits you don't like". Which just shows... something on the lines of if you don't ask you don't get but if you do you might - with less aggro than you think.

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