Q/Mojo digital deal done

THE Q/MOJO Freelance Group has negotiated a deal for digital reuse of album reviews. The Group is an informal network of freelance contributors to EMAP music magazines Q and Mojo. The agreement sets out minimum and non-exclusive terms which freelance writers can accept or not, being copyright owners. It will cover the magazines' about-to-be-revived websites, whether accessed via computer or mobile phone or any other means.

It divides the reviews into four categories by length. For instance the short/standard reviews will be licenced for an initial fee of £3 with a further £1 each year for each of the next three years in which it attracts more than 2000 page views. For the longest reviews (over 1000 words) the figures are £9 with a further £3 for each of the next three years given 6000 page views a year.

The magazines will pay the licence fees only on the reviews they choose to put on the websites - but this includes "back numbers". Writers and management agreed to six-monthly reviews of how this system is working, as it is a new and untried approach to digital licensing.

The Q/Mojo Freelance Group committee has contacted all writers affected that we could reach, but if anyone reading this wants details please contact the Freelance Office to be put in touch with the group.

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