Networked in Nairobi

Kwesi Pratt Jnr
Kwesi Pratt Jnr, Ghanaian journalist sponsored by LFB, who attended the World Social Forum that took place in Nairobi
GHANAIAN journalist and activist Kwesi Pratt Jnr flew home to Accra from Nairobi on Saturday 27 January after six days of meetings, discussions and networking at the World Social Forum 2007. His air travel was sponsored by the London Freelance Branch.

The World Social Forum is the anti-globalisation movements reply to the World Economic Forum in Davros, Switzerland, winter watering hole beloved of western governments and corporate chiefs.

Kwesi Pratt met with other African activists who had been sponsored by the African Liberation Support Campaign Network which is based in the UK. He attended workshops on globalisation and its effects on Africa, European Union partnership agreements with Africa and their effects, African liberation and the land question, the land question in post-apartheid South Africa, the alleged raping of Kenyan women by British soldiers in Kenya, and the media in the so-called Third World.

An event on 24 January organised by the Friends of Dedan Kimathi (Mau Mau leader executed by the colonial authorities in 1957) in conjunction with ALISC Network had participants from many different countries including Cameroon, Kenya, Brazil, USA, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Mau Mau veterans were led by Field Marshall Wanjiru Muthoni, who is now in her 8os.

Kwesi Pratt said, "It is important for the NUJ to continue sponsoring participants at future WSFs because participation broadens the horizon of journalists and increases their access to contacts across the world."

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