No pictures! says Npower

AN NUJ photographer working at Radley Lakes beauty spot in Oxfordshire was served a high court injunction by solicitors flanked by security guards working for energy company Npower on February 14. The injunction, which runs for two months from that date, prevented photographer Adrian Arbib, who was on public property, from photographing protests against dumping of waste fuel ash at the site.

The injunction forbids six named protesters and "those acting in concert with any of the Defendants... photographing or videoing protected persons or their vehicles [or] or publishing by any means... any other material serving to identify a protected person." A "Protestor" is defined to include "any other person who has been given notice of the terms of this Order" - so does that include you as well, now?

Adrian is a member of photographers' network EPUK - see This includes links to the injunction, and to a video of Adrian identifying himself as a journalist and showing his Press Card to the solicitors and security guards.

There have since been apparently contradictory statements from different Npower spokespeople about the company's attitude to press reporting on the site.

The NUJ's Legal Officer is on the case, and the NUJ has rejected Npower's proposed "media protocol" on reporting at Radley Lakes.

If the NUJ's proposal, which seeks to remove unnecessary and unwarranted restrictions, is not accepted by  Npower, the case could soon go to court.

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