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British Library Readers Group is go!

READERS at the British Library may feel a bit beleaguered of late; but help is at hand. On 1 May the Reading Rooms were shut due to industrial action but even on a normal day desks are hard to come by after 11am. Changes to admissions policy and pressure on university libraries mean it's full of students by that time.  A number of users have joined together to form the British Library Readers Group, an organisation independent of management designed to provide a forum and lobbying group for readers' interests.

Group co-ordinator and LFB Committee member Heather Brooke says the group is now firmly established and talks with BL management have come to a very successful conclusion. "The management have formally recognised our group and they have committed to meeting with us on a quarterly basis to address our concerns". If you'd like to join the group or could volunteer to be an officer please email or

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