‘No photos’ injunction falls

A FREELANCE photographer who received an injunction while covering a protest has had the injunction changed by the High Court, making it clear that he is allowed to take photos. Adrian Arbib was taking photos in February at a protest camp against energy company Npower at Radley Lakes in Oxfordshire, and was issued with an injunction, despite him showing his Press Card and identifying himself as a journalist working for the Guardian. The injunction prohibited Adrian from "photographing or videoing protected persons or their vehicles [or] or publishing by any means... any other material serving to identify a protected person". The definition of a  "Protestor" (sic) in the injunction included "any other person who has been given notice of the terms of this Order". (See www.londonfreelance.org/fl/0704npow.html)

Adrian went to the NUJ, who worked with the Oxford Times and civil liberties group Liberty on his case. On May 14, the High Court agreed to change the terms of the injunction. It now specifically covers only protesters, and not photographers covering protests on the site.

Pete Jenkins of the NUJ Photographers' Sub-Committee said, "It is a shame that such a sloppy injunction was issued... and it is hoped that in the future if such draconian measure have to be taken that they are properly thought through and worded so that this time consuming exercise can be avoided."

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