Copyright can make you money

Copyright is so important to helping freelances earn the maximum amount of money that London Freelance has decided to pay members to go on the NUJ's Copyright for Journalists course set for Thursday 9 August.

Well, pay may not be quite the right word: subsidise is what we mean.

Ordinarily the day-long course costs NUJ members £45 - for non-NUJ members the price is £185. LFB has decided to refund two-thirds of that £45 to full and temporary LFB members attending the course.

Have a look at the course details at to see what's on offer and how to book on. Let the LFB treasurer, Jenny Vaughan, know that you're planning to claim the subsidy - via After attending the course, send a copy of your receipt to Jenny Vaughan who will then refund you your £30.

And look forward to finding out how to best exploit the copyrights you generate whenever you undertake any work.

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