Goodbye NUJphoto

NUJphoto, the email list for photographers who are union members, is no more. List "owner" Pete Jenkins - the person who registered the internet address - pulled the plug in late July, hoping to avoid a damaging distraction in debate over the Drogheda Independent agreement.

He was then instructed by the Deputy General Secretary not to reinstate any "organisation which in any way utilises the name, logo or initials or in any other way may give the impression that it is in any way authorised by the NUJ or associated with the NUJ".

Members of the list had been discussing the Drogheda agreement (see here) and the Irish Secretary of the union had applied to join the list, to counter what that Deputy General Secretary John Fray described as "misleading and untruthful statements about himself, the Irish Organiser and the Union."

The list rules stated that only photographers could join. List members voted against an exception.

Some former list members are now discussing matters photographic at the National Visual Journalists Photo e-mail discussion list which "has no connection whatsoever with the National Union of Journalists. It is in no way sanctioned by the NUJ, it is not endorsed by the NUJ, it is not funded by the NUJ."

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