Update 04/09/2007

A new three-year collective agreement between the Swedish Journalists' Federation and press employers was signed just minutes before a deadline on 30 August, averting the industrial action. The deal, says the International Federation of Journalists:

  • ends shocking levels of low pay among provincial newspaper journalists and has met a union objective of a new minimum rate of 25.000 SEK (2.625 Euro) per month for experienced senior journalists;
  • It gives an increase averaging ten per cent on newspaper pay scales across the board;
  • maintains authorís rights protection for all journalists working in media houses; and
  • establishes, for the first time, recognition of press, on-line and broadcast journalists working for media houses in the collective agreement. Hitherto only press journalists were covered.

Swedish journalists act for authors’ rights

JOURNALISTS in Sweden are taking industrial action in defence of their Authors' Rights and for increases for lowest- paid colleagues. As in almost all the non-English-speaking world, Swedish journalists have rights to payment for re-use of their work whether they are freelance or staff - and management want to take these away. The action announced on 17 August amounts to a work-to-rule, with members refusing to work more than 40 hours a week. Some 20 newspapers have also been told they will not be able to handle or process any text or images not produced by their own editorial department. For details and updates (in Swedish) see www.sjf.se.

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