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The first casualty of war?

WHAT ARE the lessons of Iraq? How has the Hutton report changed the media landscape? How should balanced war journalism be defined?

These are some of the questions to be addressed on Saturday 17 November at a half-day conference for journalists at the London School of Economics.

The event, entitled The First Casualty? War, truth and the media today, will bring practising journalists together to debate how to strengthen critical, independent, informed coverage in the British media in the face of the enormous problems journalists face in reporting war.

Participants include Andrew Gilligan (sacked by the BBC, speaking for the first time at this type of forum), Peter Wilby (former editor of the Independent on Sunday and now columnist for the Media Guardian), Phillip Knightley (author of the seminal work on war reporting, The First Casualty), Catherine Mayer (president of the Foreign Press Association from 2003-2005 and now correspondent for Time magazine), and Sean Langan (maker of BBC documentaries on Afghanistan).

With the recent soul-searching in the media about quality and purpose, the repositioning of the British in Iraq, the forthcoming sixth anniversary of war in Afghanistan and the growing tension over Iran, it feels like the right time to reflect constructively on the reporting of the "war on terror"

Tickets cost £15 from Media Workers Against the War, who are hosting the conference.

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