Our reporter in Baghdad

Isam Rashid: photo © www.guysmallman.com
LONDON Freelance Branch made Isam Rasheed a member in 2005 when he was able to visit London after his release from prison in Baghdad. Now his Press Card needs to be renewed - and he does not exactly benefit from an obsessively efficient postal service. The only safe and secure(ish) way to get an item to Baghdad is through the DHL office at the Palestine Hotel. So the Branch agreed to pay for that. Isam continues to report from one of the most innaccesible place for media in the world; that being Baghdad's Sunni quarter - the major target of the recent "surge" of US military strength. His reports and footage have been on both the BBC and ITV news. He continues his work despite having the upper floor of his house recently demolished by a missile. He and his family were unharmed.

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