Collective action!

Several months ago I was offered shifts at the Telegraph and asked whether they offered paid time off. The production editor said absolutely not for ad-hoc shifts. I asked on the UKsubs forum (www.londonfreelance.org/UKsubs) and received all sorts of replies, including some colleagues saying the editor was right. When I did the shifts, I spoke to a long-term casual there, who came over all absent-minded about whether he received "holiday pay". The office administrator thought I wasn't entitled and the payroll office confirmed this idea. But someone on a subs forum put me in touch with Glyn Roberts, an active NUJ rep at the Telegraph, who put me touch with a sainted person in payroll who knows The Truth: that we are entitled!  She told me how to apply for it - it is now safely in my account. The Moral? Collective action! Hurrah for these forums in which we share information; hurrah for the NUJ and reps who actively fight for our rights!

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