New branch blood!

DAVE Rotchelle has stood down as Chair of the London Freelance Branch, as its constitution allows the Chair to serve only three consecutive terms. As no members felt they yet have the experience to take on all the responsibilities of LFB Chair solo, the branch now has two job-share vice-chairs, Alex Klaushofer and Dave Rotchelle, who will share chairing duties, with Alex chairing her first branch meeting in February.

A full listing of the new LFB committee elected in January's branch AGM will be online shortly, and appear in print in the March Freelance.

The new branch secretary, Matt Salusbury, takes over from Tom Davies, who will be busy with his duties on the NUJ's National Executive Committee (NEC). As Matt already has commitments as assistant editor of the Freelance, he has taken on the post on the understanding that it is a job-share, and that he will supported by other LFB members. The Committee is exploring ways to spread the load of the branch secretary's duties, particularly minute-taking and photocopying. One solution could be to recruit a NUJ student member on work experience placement.

Dave Rotchelle's and Tom Davies's reports on the Branch year are available at

Dave Rotchelle
Dave Rotchelle (right) in the Branch chair at the House of Commons in April

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