All you gotta do is pay me!

PAY THE WRITER! That's the loud and clear message by Harlan Ellison, copyright campaigner and scriptwriter for Star Trek and The Outer Limits, in a short and hilarious monologue which you can see at

A woman from Warner Brothers rang him about a filmed interview he'd done to promote Babylon 5, which they wanted to re-use on their DVD of the series... could that be arranged? Harlan reports the exchange: "Absolutely, all you gotta do is pay me," and she said, "what?" and he said, "You gotta pay me," and she said, "well, everybody else is doing it for nothing."

Before you send the link to clients along with a comment about their late payment or non-payment, as some British freelances are reportedly doing, be warned that Harlan's narrative includes lots of swearing. "They don't even send you the goddam DVD - I'm going to come down to your office and I'll burn it to the ground, how about that?" was Harlan's conclusion of his discussion with Warner Bros.

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