CIRCULAR NO 1 2008-9
April 2008


Deputy General Sectetary election 2008

The National Executive Council has agreed to advertise the post of Deputy General Secretary of the NUJ. The advertisement for the post is on the website and anyone interested in standing can obtain an application pack by emailing

The position is statutory and therefore subject to periodic election and applicants must be full members of the union throughout the election procedure.

The National Executive Council has appointed Electoral Reform Services to act as the independent scrutineer and the count will be based on the single transferable voting system. Sarah Veale, Head of the Equality and Employment Rights department at the TUC will be the Electoral Presiding Officer. Members eligible to vote will be in accordance with Rule 10*. Full members under this Rule will be those in benefit as at the closing date for receipt of applications.

The timetable is as follows:

  1. Applications to be received by 15 May 2008
  2. Ballot papers go out on 27 May
  3. Closing date for receipt of ballot papers is 4 July

Please note the terms of Rule 10 in relation to canvassing on behalf of candidates: "No branch shall incur any expenditure on canvassing on behalf of or against any candidate."

Further information will be circulated once the candidates standing for election are known.

The full list of candidates (on 20 May) is:

  • Philip Hunt, Brussels Branch
  • Michelle Stanistreet, Mother of Chapel, Express;
  • John Toner, currently Freelance Organiser
  • Chris Youett, Birmingham & Coventry Branch.

London Freelance Branch aims to organise a hustings meeting with other London branches. We'll update you as more is known.

Rule 10 refers to all members who are qualified to vote, i.e., all those entitled to vote by virtue of Rule 2 and who are not three calendar months or more in arrears with their subscriptions

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