One’s a crowd

A ONE-MAN protest against police obstruction of photographers was held outside New Scotland Yard on 28 March by NUJ General Secretary Jeremy Dear, who had first obtained the necessary advance authorisation for a demonstration in the SOCPA "designated area" (see ). Scotland Yard had a meeting with Jeremy in advance of his protest, as they were anxious to know about the wording on banners and placards that would be used.

General Secretary's lone protest - hoto © Guy Smallman
Jeremy at the Yard

Jeremy wasn't exactly alone on his lone protest: 21 photographers, mostly freelance, showed up to cover the event. Journalist editor Tim Gopsill and John Toner and Pamela Morton from the Freelance Office were also there, wearing the green tabards of the NUJ Press Freedom Monitors, as was Jeff Moore, Chair of the British Press Photographers' Association.

Jeremy tried to hand a letter in to Scotland Yard, which they would not accept, An officer told him, "You'll have to post it, mate." Jeremy comments: "It's a shame that we have to hold a stunt like this to help the police spot the difference between a protestor and a press photographer." There are more photos of the event on and

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