Branch collects for The Zimbabwean

A TRUCK carrying copies of Zimbabwe's best-selling independent newspaper, The
The Zimbabwean
The Zimbabwean reports the 25 May truck burning

, was attacked and set alight on 25 May, and its drivers badly beaten. The paper's editor believes the perpetrators were working for the Zimbabwe government. The Zimbabwean is edited in Britain by exiled journalist Wilf Mbanga, often using necessarily anonymous contributors on the ground in Zimbabwe. It is distributed to the vast diaspora in the UK, and copies printed in South Africa are sold throughout southern Africa - over 200,000 a week in Zimbabwe itself. Such is the state of the Zimbabwean currency that a UK cover price of 60p equalled 100 million Zimbabwe dollars in June and, with inflation jumping from 10,000 per cent to 4 million per cent, has now broken the Z$1 billion barrier.

Mbanga described the attack as "an atrocity against press freedom". The paper is one of the few ways Zimbabweans have of finding out what is really happening in their country. With little capital and minimal profits, The Zimbabwean has appealed for funds to replace the truck. Our Branch meeting on 9 June raised £100 - if you would like to contribute or to read the paper, see

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