What the fuck are we saying?

THE ABOVE title of a well-known track by popular entertainer Lenny Kravitz comes to mind when reading a recent photo release form that photographers covering one of his gigs were asked to sign. These were just the latest example of a trend for increasingly bizarrely restrictive contracts around photographing performing artists at work. In exchange for allowing photography of "Artist" (Mr Kravitz), his management require that "All photographs to be used are subject to the prior approval of the Artist."

As well as an indemnity clause, snappers are also expected to give away to the Artist "the irrevocable right in perpetuity to use the Photographs in any and all manner and media, now or hereinafter known, without payment"  and to "promptly provide Artist, at no charge, with duplicate negatives, transparencies and /or digital files of the Photographs as requested by Artist.".

The Freelance reminds readers of the example of Norwegian journalists, who boycotted performances by Dolly Parton - see www.londonfreelance.org/fl/0706doll.html.

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