Gi'is an address!

Time to get the virtual Freelance

NUJ BELT-tightening will mean that there will be fewer paper Freelances in the next year. The reason for this is a need to top up the NUJ staff pension fund. We will produce roughly the same number of issues: but some will be delivered on 100 per cent recycled electrons only.

You can see the virtual Freelance, and a decade of back issues, at - but if you want to get a handy contents listing in email, we need your email address. About half of London Freelance Branch members still haven't given us a working email address. To give us your address - and let us know who your major clients are, so we can alert you if there are issues with them - go to

The Branch promises that we will hardly ever send more than one message a month. We won't give your address to anyone without your permission.

Headlines you may have missed in the online-only October 2008 Freelance include:

As an experiment, we produced that issue as PDF files as well as "proper" web pages. A few members say PDFs are useful to print out for reading on the bus or discreetly during a shift. But is it a good use of the editors' time? If you actually downloaded the PDF version, to vote for it continuing email

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